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Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - Neue Gameplay Details

News #22.070: 15.05.2019, 08:29

Koei Tecmo recently held an Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle hands-on event for press, which was headed up by the game's producer, Hideo Suzuki. Here's a full rundown of what details were shared at the event, courtesy of NintendoEverything.

  1. contains new and original story content that was approved by the writers of the anime.
  2. experience the new story from three different perspectives: Levi and Hange, Eren and Mikasa, Reiner and Zeke
  3. level cap increase and new camaraderie ranks for new characters
  4. new control assist mode that simplifies inputs during battle
  5. the control assist mode was implemented based on feedback from people who were discouraged by complex controls
  6. Territory Recovery mode has you fighting on battlefields, taking on missions at Wall Maria, Rose and Sheena
  7. the goal is to reach different points on the world map and reclaim territory currently overrun by Titans
  8. start off by choosing your commander from any character in the story
  9. you then pick your team's emblem and name, and create your very own unique regiment
  10. there are around 70 stages in total in this mode
  11. there's a high level of customization, and achievable interactions between characters
  12. alternate between a Regimental Base Phase and Territory Recover Phase
  13. in the Base Phase, you'll manage your team and converse with comrades
  14. in Recover Phase, you'll battle Titans outside the Walls and gather materials
  15. the territory outside the Walls is divided into different regions, which are connected by roads and strategic points
  16. reclaiming a strategic point gains you access to other strategic points
  17. once you capture all strategic points within a region, you'll then be able to advance to the next region
  18. trigger something called location events at certain strategic points
  19. a location event uses up a number of your remaining turns, but the payoff is that it helps recover more territory
  20. depending on the type of location event, you can invite soldiers to join your regiment
  21. you can also add materials to your base, boost camaraderie or battle against powerful Titans
  22. regiment funds and materials are earned with each victory
  23. firearms come with several magazine types: regular, scatter, numbing, incendiary, attrition and explosive
  24. scatter shots do massive damage at close range and hit multiple Titans at far range
  25. numbing ammo temporarily paralyzes Titans
  26. incendiary shots will set Titans of fire, dealing damage over time
  27. attrition ammo depletes Titans stamina gauges over time and is most useful for powerful Titans
  28. explosive shots do damage over a wide area upon detonation
  29. with firearms, you lock on and anchor to a Titan, while firing requires rhythmic timing to achieve critical damage
  30. perform "one-handed shooting" as you anchor to a Titan with one hand and fire a gun in the other
  31. there's "two-handed shooting" which is more of a risk/reward where you deal more damage per second, but aiming is harder
  32. successive fire by holding down ZR is also an option
  33. firearms let you target different body parts or making a quick turn to make a "break shot" timing ring appear
  34. nailing the timing will allow you to enter a "break state" where all of your attacks become critical hits
  35. each shot inflicts less damage than blades, and they're less accurate
  36. Titan behavior will change when you shoot at them by chasing you down and throwing things at you
  37. Showdown Equipment mode gives you a gauge that lets you enter a powered up state for a limited amount of time
  38. if you have firearms equipped, you'll be upgraded to the Gatling Gun
  39. after using this mode, your stock will deplete and you'll need to replenish it by completing side missions
  40. when entering Showdown Equipment mode with blades, you'll be granted the Thunder Spears
  41. with these equipped, you can fire off a barrage of missiles that explode Titans to bits
  42. Human to Human battles are much more fast-paced and hectic than those against Titans
  43. aiming and dodging is paramount to surviving these fights
  44. humans are more aggressive and fast-paced, and you can't anchor to them like you can with Titans
  45. humans can be taken out with a well-timed slash
  46. human enemies drop their guard to reload their firearms, which gives you a chance to get a one-hit kill
  47. there's avariant of the firearms called the Beam Guns, which are a metallic silver and blue.
  48. some characters who can transform into Titans, such as Eren or Zeke

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