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Chicken Police erscheint nach dem 5. November für die Switch

News #23.484: 21.10.2020, 05:32

Chicken Police, one of the most unique-looking games coming to Switch, now has a release date locked in. You'll be able to crack the case sometime after November 5th, 2020, but for now, check out the latest trailer above.

Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken, aka the "Chicken Police", once a legendary detective-duo - now a washed-up wreck and a wannabe star-detective. But things are about to change when a mysterious case comes along, getting weirder by the hour and more dangerous than anything the two have faced before.
Chicken Police is developed by The Wild Gentlemen in Hungary. The game is published by HandyGames in Giebelstadt, Germany, and will be available for 19,99 ( EUR / USD / GBP ) starting November 5th on Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

"Maybe the most important thing is that the mood and the atmosphere must be coherent. In creating narrative games, you must pay attention to a lot of things that the player maybe won't even notice (or will be affected only subconsciously), but all in all, I believe everything stands on the characters, whom we'll learn to love or hate to be breathing with them within the world they live in.

It all depends on whether you, the player, want to know, is the character have a life outside of the game? If the answer is yes, you, as a writer, did your job well." said Bánk, Director of Chicken Police

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