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  1. Pokemon gain levels through experience
  2. Capturing a Pokemon grants experience
  3. Bonuses to the amount of experience gained can be earned through particularly good throws / other modifiers
  4. EXP share spreads EXP through your party
  5. it seems that all Pokemon gain exp when you capture one
  6. EXP share kicks in during battles with trainers.
  7. Pokemon gain new moves as they level up
  8. Berries can be thrown to make Pokemon easier to catch
  9. Lower level Pokemon are easier to catch and don't move much
  10. More powerful Pokemon later in the game will be more difficult to capture
  11. there are underhand, overhand and side throws for Poke Balls, each with different bonuses
  12. Different throws will work better depending on how the Pokemon is moving
  13. in handheld mode, use the gyro to align a reticle on the Pokemon and press a button to throw
  14. Pokemon seen in the wild in Viridian Forest were Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Butterfree, Pidgey,
  15. Pikachu, Oddish
  16. Pokemon seen between Viridian and Pewter were Pidgey and Rattata
  17. 3 options in battle - FIGHT, POKEMON and BAG
  18. If you send out your Companion, you get a cool animation of you sending them in and them leaping off your shoulder
  19. Brock is the leader of Pewter gym
  20. stats include HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk. Sp. Def and Speed
  21. stats add together to give you a creature's CP value
  22. CP value is the total of a Pokemon's stat
  23. Candy is used to increase these stats
  24. Candy is obtained by sending Pokemon you have caught to the Professor
  25. Pokemon can be sent in bulk, up to 30 at a time
  26. the more Pokemon you send, the more candy you get back
  27. there is one type of candy for each sta
  28. Pokemon sent from GO will appear in the park
  29. wander the park freely, walk up to Pokemon and initiate a capture minigame
  30. CP level at which you transfer them from GO affects their LGPE game level
  31. the higher the CP, the higher their level and the harder they are to catch
  32. your rival's name is Tracie
  33. you get 5 potions when you enter Viridian city
  34. Following Pokemon will wiggle their tails to notify you about nearby hidden item
  35. riding a Pokemon like Onix happens automatically when you take them out of the Poke Ball
  36. any Pokemon can be chosen to follow you
  37. go into your party menu, select the Pokemon as usual and a standard menu pops up which lets you take them out of the ball

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