Die Verkaufszahlen von Breath of The Wild sind in den letzten sechs Wochen in Japan regelmäßig angestiegen

News #20.486: 16.08.2018, 04:45

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched alongside the Switch in all regions, but over in Japan, the game continues to see sales grow. We're not talking about overall sales, which are obviously growing. We're talking about an upward trend in week-to-week sales all these months later.

This past week, Breath of the Wild came in at #16 in the top 20 weekly software. This week marks the 6th consecutive week that the game's sales have increased from the prior week. Here's the breakdown for the last 6 weeks.

Week 1: 6,143
Week 2: 6,322 (+3%)
Week 3: 6,622 (+5%)
Week 4: 7,173 (+8%)
Week 5: 7,508 (+5%)
Week 6: 7,940 (+6%)
Week 7: 8,300 (+5%)

Why are sales trending upwards? There's no new DLC available, there's been no major changes to the game, and no special packages have come out. It just seems that new Switch consumers every week are picking up Breath of the Wild alongside their purchase!


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KirbyNKE *
02.05.2012, 14:53:03
Kommentar #1 vom 17.08.2018, 00:12:54 Uhr
Ein gutes Zeichen!! 😃
.... für ein neues Zelda!! 😆🤣
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