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Farm Mechanic Simulator erscheint 2021 in Switch

News #23.465: 06.10.2020, 05:23

Another tractor with a dead engine? The combine does not start, and the harvest is just around the corner? The workload grows like mushrooms after the rain? Sounds like a great opportunity to also grow your wealth! Say hello to Farm Mechanic Simulator, a game in which you step into the shoes of a successful mechanic who knows all the nuts and bolts of farm machinery.

Accept or refuse orders from local farmers who may know about sowing and reaping, but cannot take proper care of their machines. No wonder you're their last resort. Do you feel the weight of the local agriculture on your shoulders? Grab a wrench and act! The machines won't repair themselves.

Your workshop is your kingdom, the tools are your subjects, and the ramshackle tractors and harvesters are just waiting for you to squeeze the last pennies out of them. After all, there's no engine that can't be granted a second life in your machine SPA. The business is going well? Expand your workshop, equip it with high-quality tools and get better orders.

Before you start repairing, perform an in-depth analysis of the damaged machine to find the source of the problem and make an accurate diagnosis. Then you can roll up your sleeves, ask the customer: "Man, who did this to your tractor?" and get down to what mechanics like best - making money on repairs. However, remember to test the vehicle well before handing it over to the client!

Farm Mechanic Simulator is an adventure that you cannot miss. So sow the seeds by wishlisting the game, watch it grow, and get ready for a bountiful harvest! Also, do not forget to click the "follow" button on the game page to stay up-to-date with all the important news.

Farm Mechanic Simulator is heading to Switch sometime in 2021.

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