Game Informer Interview mit den Mega Man 11 Entwicklern

News #18.278: 06.12.2017, 23:53
Hier die Zusammenfassung des Interviews von Gonintendo:

  1. the goal is to take the past and combine elements that really worked from each title in the franchise
  2. the aim is to bring Mega Man back and make him better than ever
  3. they also want the game to be accessible to a younger generation
  4. the team wants to make sure they don't just recycle past elements for Mega Man 11
  5. the team knows the core gameplay works, so they didn't want to push too much in a new direction
  6. the goal is to make sure visuals and controls work in harmony to have the tightest controls possible
  7. the team wants to bring back the intuitive nature of the relationship between robot masters and their weapons
  8. the devs feel figuring out what robot masters were weak to has gotten to difficult in recent games
  9. the devs are finding Mega Man 11 a tough game to make
  10. designing unique robot masters and stages is a challenge
  11. the team has members who worked on Mega Man games, industry vets who haven't worked on Mega Man, and new devs
  12. the dev team has strong ideas of what Mega Man should be, so sometimes they clash, but this helps create a ton of great ideas



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