How to play SteamWorld Dig 2 before anyone else

News #16.141: 13.04.2017, 17:49
Howdy partners!

Image & Form is well-rested after a hectic period of showing SteamWorld Dig 2 to happy gamers at GDC, PAX East and EGX Rezzed.

And now we're back with a new SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge! This means we're giving away multiple copies of all past, present and future SteamWorld games to ONE winner that helps us name a robot appearing in SWD2. But that's not all: the new SteamWorld Ambassador will also get to play SWD2 before anyone else in the whole wide world! :)

Rules and how to enter is found here: [LINK ZU IMAGEFORM.SE]

... or you can watch Julius and Agnes explain it all here:

Video-Quelllink: [LINK ZU WWW.YOUTUBE.COM]

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