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ID Software spricht über Doom Eternal's nee Waffen und wie man sicherstellen möchte, dass die Story nicht in den Weg vom Gameplay steht

News #20.485: 16.08.2018, 04:41

DOOM Eternal is bringing a lot of exciting things with it, including some new weapons for the 'Doomguy' to take out enemies with. In an interview with VG246, creative director Hugo Martin goes into a bit more detail on some of those weapons.

"The Doomblade allows you to do Glory Kills faster and also dispatch heavies faster. With the flamethrower, shoot enemies while they're burning and you get armour shards. It doesn't always have to work that sometimes it's just about killing enemies - but whenever possible we absolutely want to steer things if it fits into the gameplay loop. The general philosophy is to take what you need from the enemies, not hide behind a wall and wait for it to magically happen."

DOOM Eternal is also going to have a bit more emphasis on story, but don't worry. Martin says those story elements aren't going to bog down gameplay.

"Doom Eternal has a great story, a lot of lore, and a big universe to discover, but not at the expense of gameplay. Doom is about combat. But that moment, that walk down the hallway, is a proper Doom narrative beat. It's efficient and it's all about enhancing the player's experience. In the cinematic experiences it's critical that they make you feel the same way you feel when you play the game. The same character you are in the story moments is the exact same character you play in the game."


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