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Toad Scramble - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: Yes

Toad's your main host for this Mario Party, and what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in pure party spirit!

Bowser's forces have stolen a stack of Stars, and it's up to a small group of Toads to get them back. As a Toad, compete with other players to collect coins and Stars while roaming around the board. The one with the most Stars at the end of the game wins!

Coinathlon - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: Yes

It's a race to the finish, and the only way to get around the board is to snatch up armfuls of coins! The minigames never stop here, and every coin you earn moves you one space closer to victory. Improve your odds by interfering with your opponents using all sorts of items, and keep an eye on your progress by checking the board on the Touch Screen.

In Rival Race, take on a series of challenges and try to score 10 wins, or try Free Play Mode, where you can choose the number of players, laps and minigames you want!

Balloon Bash - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: Yes

Move around the board and get as many Stars as you can in this four-player game! Collect coins as you move around the board, and pop Coin Balloons to enter all sorts of hilarious minigames, including Boss Battles, and win even more coins. Look out for Star Balloons - grab one and you can trade 10 coins for a Star on the spot.

Mario Shuffle - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: No

Go head-to-head in this two-player game, where the aim is to move all your playing pieces to the other side of the board. Each player selects three characters, which start at opposite ends of three lanes and must pass each other to reach their goal.

Strategically land on spaces that will propel you forward, and hop over spaces that send you backwards - or even right back to the beginning! If a character jumps over an opponent, the opposing character will lose a turn. Land a character right on top of another, and the rival will be thrown back to the start point!

Rhythm Recital - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: No

Choose from a bunch of toe-tapping Mario tunes and play along in time to the beat! Up to four players can form a full band of friends, each taking up their own instrument and working together to complete the music.

Challenge Tower - Single-player only

This single-player trial is all about getting to the top of some very tall towers! Edge your way up, one space at a time, and watch out for Amps, who are lying in wait to give you a shock. Pay attention to the colour of each space and avoid danger as you ascend...

Super-talented tower climbers can try to conquer the whopping, 500-floor Master Tower. Good luck!

Boo's Block Party - Local Play: Yes | Download Play: No

Face off against a friend in frantic match-three puzzle action: you've got to spin to win! Turn dice around, lining up identical numbers in sets of three or more, vertically or horizontally, to break the blocks and clear them off your screen. Bust enough and you'll send them tumbling over to your opponent's screen. If the blocks reach the top of the screen, it's game over!

You can also take on Boo in a single-player endless mode. Do you have what it takes to get a high score against the ghost with the most?

Character Museum

Read up on the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom who you'll encounter as you play, including baddies. Can you find all of them?



No Mario Party would be complete without minigames, and there are over 50 here!

It's every player for themselves in Free-For-All games, while Boss Battles are all about beating big bosses while competing for points. Snap up as many coins as you can in Coin Chaos games, and if you're feeling brave you can take on the Koopa King himself in Bowser's Gauntlet games.

You can play any minigames you've unlocked whenever you like in the Minigames mode. Here are just a few that you'll encounter!

Acornucopia (Free-For-All)

Dodge the Goombrats and try not to drop any of your acorns!

Dodge Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (Free-For-All)

Race to the top of the flagpole while avoiding every Fuzzy - touch one and you'll be dazed for a bit!

Bridgesaw Puzzle (Free-for-all)

Connect the puzzle pieces using the Touch Screen to build a bridge over toxic waters!

Petey Piranha's Shell Smackdown (Boss Battle)

Pick up Green Shells and hurl them at Petey Piranha until his health bar is empty. The one who does the most damage wins!

Tiles and Tribulations (Coin Chaos)

Swap around tiles starring all sorts of Mario baddies to match horizontal or vertical groups of three or more against the time limit.

Rolling Rumble (Coin Chaos)

Tension in the big top! Balance on a ball and charge at baddies to bounce them off the arena. Don't be a clown, though - mistime an attack, and you could be the one that ends up falling...

Goomba Gold Rush (Coin Chaos)

Goombas are overrunning the place - blast them away with cannonballs to get the situation under control!

Bowser's Fence Fury (Bowser's Gauntlet)

Clamber around a wire fence and avoid Bowser's attacks. The last one climbing wins - get flicked off the fence and you lose!



If you tap a compatible amiibo (sold separately) during single-player mode, you can get all sorts of handy advantages, including ally characters and useful items!

Toad Scramble

Using a compatible amiibo allows you to partner with an ally character right from the first turn. Ally characters that join you via amiibo are stronger than those encountered during regular play.

The character will also bring a special Dice Block along with them, which offer nifty bonuses. If the amiibo already has Mario Party 10 data saved on it, the Ally character will have a Gold, Silver or Bronze Dice Block, depending on the colour of the item that is saved from Mario Party 10.


Using a compatible amiibo allows you to play as the amiibo character. If you bring an amiibo to the race, every item you get can be used twice.

Balloon Bash

With a compatible amiibo, you'll get a special Dice Block for that amiibo character from the start of the game. If the amiibo already has Mario Party 10 data saved on it, they'll have a Gold, Silver or Bronze Dice Block depending on the colour of the item that is saved from Mario Party 10.

Mario Shuffle

If you tap a compatible amiibo, an amiibo will join the game as a piece carrying a Dice Block. You can't use more than one of the same character, though.

An amiibo character will bring one Dice Block with them. If the amiibo already has Mario Party 10 data saved on it, they'll have a Gold, Silver or Bronze Dice Block depending on the colour of the item that is saved from Mario Party 10.

Rhythm Recital

If you have a Dr. Mario amiibo, you can tap it to unlock a new music track.

Challenge Tower

If you hit an Amp, you can avoid a game over by tapping in a compatible amiibo to continue from the moment you failed. You can only use the same character once per day, though.

Boo's Block Party

Tapping a Boo amiibo makes Boo appear in the background!

Character Museum

By tapping in compatible amiibo, you can build up a collection of stamps to be proud of. Each character has a different stamp design - can you get them all?

Compatible amiibo

  1. Mario (gives a Gold Dice Block from the beginning)
  2. Peach
  3. Yoshi
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Luigi
  6. Diddy Kong
  7. Rosalina
  8. Bowser
  9. Wario
  10. Dr. Mario
  11. Bowser Jr.
  12. Toad
  13. Daisy
  14. Waluigi
  15. Boo

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09.05.2012, 20:13:57
Kommentar #1 vom 16.09.2016, 11:20:56 Uhr
Wow, das sieht ja wie ein richtiger Triple-A-Titel aus. Was bin ich gespannt! :)
13.06.2014, 20:24:00
Kommentar #2 vom 16.09.2016, 14:51:38 Uhr
Das sieht spontan vom Video her besser aus als MPDS, nicht schlecht! Der Balloon Bash scheint wohl noch am ehesten am "alten" MP-Konzept dran zu sein. Auf jeden Fall geben sie sich dieses Mal deutlich mehr Mühe als bei den letzten dreien. ...oder entwickeln das vielleicht auch andere xD Ich habe noch nirgends NDCube gelesen bzgl Star Rush. Vielleicht kann man ja hoffen, dass MP11 dann wieder akzeptabel wird.
DStroke *
09.05.2010, 03:40:32
Kommentar #3 vom 16.09.2016, 16:29:43 Uhr
Ich muss auch sagen, dass ich immer mehr Lust auf den Titel hab, ich glaube dass könnte das erste Mario Party seit langem sein, bei dem ich nicht sage: "Boah das wird garantiert nix, aber ich geb dem ne Chance"
TheUnknown *
08.05.2010, 09:25:43
Kommentar #4 vom 16.09.2016, 17:07:16 Uhr
Zitat von DStroke:
Ich muss auch sagen, dass ich immer mehr Lust auf den Titel hab, ich glaube dass könnte das erste Mario Party seit langem sein, bei dem ich nicht sage: "Boah das wird garantiert nix, aber ich geb dem ne Chance"

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