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News #14.032: 29.08.2016, 13:52
  1. Toad Scramble big mode of game
  2. get stars, collect coins and screw with others
  3. grid based movement instead of the fixed routes and attractions of the older titles
  4. system allows for movement in any direction you want, go to any space you like and form your own routes to the stars
  5. multiple worlds to choose from
  6. seems to be room for five or six worlds with three levels each
  7. first will feature a smaller environment with just three bosses, while the biggest ones will have five bosses to deal with
  8. boss minigames are back and it is here where the stars need to be rescued
  9. At least one player actually has to hit the spot before a battle can begin
  10. the others, may they close or far off, need to keep tapping the A-button to close in and join the fray
  11. possibly around ten boss minigames
  12. face off against Kamek and try to blast him with a catapult
  13. boss fight involves playing a memory game to get cards, which pull the catapult farther back to do even more damage to Kamek
  14. another example involves carrying lights across moving terrain and flashing them right into King Boo's face
  15. bout with a gigantic Blooper involves a rhythm based game
  16. by hitting a ball on the beat and bouncing it to the next character, the points rack up
  17. various characters from the Super Mario universe will hang around various spots across the board
  18. your job to recuit them for your cause
  19. they help you with boss battles and each have their own special abilities
  20. if you make Walugi the team captain for example, four sides of the dice will have higher rolls than normally possible
  21. the other two will cause a loss of coins
  22. Peach's ability is another possibly exploitable one, as she powers up two sides of the die depending on how many people are in the active party
  23. other party members also roll as well, which allows for fast movement, but also could lead to over-shooting an objective
  24. destruction of bosses earns you one star (two for the final boss), but coins play a more important role
  25. every ten coins at the end of the game will be converted into stars
  26. everything in the game earns additional money
  27. from picking them on the field to scoring victories in the Free-For-All minigames which are activated by smashing a Coin Balloon
  28. all comes together in the endgame where bonus rewards are given for performing in certain ways, like being the person who travelled the most spaces
  29. one of the Ghost House boards puts a lot of emphasis on spikes
  30. location of these could be swapped by hitting special buttons that are littered all around
  31. one of the boards in the first grassy world puts a lot of emphasis on items
  32. every player can carry two, and there are quite a few different ones
  33. thing to do is to land on the same space as an opponent, whether through items or a Lakitu space
  34. starts a battle where a feat needs to performed quickly, like pressing the A-button on the correct time
  35. winner gets to take one of the loser's allies


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13.06.2014, 20:24:00
Kommentar #1 vom 29.08.2016, 16:20:59 Uhr
Ich will lieber mal Infos zu anderen Modi.

Aber eine Sache kann ich mal wieder nicht nachvollziehen - warum nur 10 Boss-Minispiele (wenn das stimmen sollte)? Wenn man auf einem Brett bis zu 5 Bosse hat, dann wiederholt sich das doch ständig. Das fand ich z.B. auch in MP8 (und so manch anderem) seltsam, wo es nur 9 1vs3-Spiele gab, obwohl die ständig dran kommen, aber dann 500 Duellspiele. Die sollten mal die Masse dort ansetzen, wo sie auch gebraucht wird.
DStroke *
09.05.2010, 03:40:32
Kommentar #2 vom 29.08.2016, 16:30:07 Uhr
Vielleicht findest du HIER Antworten auf deine Frage.

It was weird for me to be so excited about a Mario Party again, but it just happened without thinking about it.

Das klingt echt super und ging mir schon vom zugucken so.
26.10.2013, 17:49:58
Kommentar #3 vom 30.08.2016, 21:21:09 Uhr
Auch ich finde, dass das neue MP gut aussieht und vielversprechend ist.
Jedenfalls vielversprechender, als es Island Tour war.
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