Nintendo erklärt, warum Zelda immer wieder mit einen anderen Grafikstyle ankommt

News #18.553: 15.01.2018, 15:43

The Zelda franchise always seems to embrace new visual styles with each installment. Ever wonder why that is? Nintendo's Satoru Takizawa explained this design choice in The Legend of Zelda book, Master Works. You can see a translated snippet below, handled by Matt Walker at Source Gaming.

"Why does the art style change for each game in the Zelda series?" That's a question many have probably considered. It's the result of trial and error during the development of each title to figure out what would best make the world feel like something players would be excited to adventure in. The conclusion was to marry the believability of the world with playability - this would help them satisfy the goal of "rethinking the conventions of Zelda" and creating an art style that could be considered the definitive standard for Zelda. This lead to things such as the "comical" effect of tree wood magically "poofing" into bundles of wood - anything more realistic would feel like a waste of time for the player.

Although Takizawa-san knew that this art style that utilizes the less realistic and more stylized choices would work for the purposes of the game, he couldn't help but feel uneasy as to whether the general populace would accept it. Those worries were swept away when the general reaction to the first trailer at E3 2014 was positive.


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