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Nintendo Kanada sucht nach Familien, die die Switch zu einem Teil ihres Alltags gemacht haben

News #21.968: 19.04.2019, 08:44

Nintendo Canada is looking to grab some special Switch families for an upcoming campaign. Want to get in on the action and get paid for your time? Check out the full details

Jigsaw Casting Ltd is seeking Families Across Canada that use their Nintendo Switch in Unique Ways for an Upcoming Campaign! Looking for families that have made Nintendo Switch a part of their everyday lives. How do you use your Nintendo Switch System to connect as a family? What exciting features help bring you closer together? Where does the console take you?

We are looking for confident, fun loving, enthusiastic, emotional families. Open to all ages, genders and backgrounds. Must be owners and players of Nintendo Switch.

1. Parents and their young kids. Children must be 6 years or older.
2. Parents and their preteens and/or teenagers.
3. Open to a group of people (groups of 3 or 4). Siblings, friends, couples, roommates, etc.

If you know of someone, please pass this on!
If selected, this campaign pays $2,500 PER FAMILY and 1 Nintendo game of choice (*subject to availability). No previous acting experience is required. Must be a Canadian Resident to apply.
If interested, please submit through the online application form:
Submissions are due ASAP or by April 26th, 2019 at 9am.
You must be available for these key dates:

INTERVIEW: Will be held via video call (Skype, Google Meet, etc.) on April 29th/30th
FILMING: 1 day between May 6th - May 12th, 2019. TBD. (you will be filmed in your own environment)
*If you have already submitted for this project, you do not need to re-submit your information
*This is a non-union project.

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