Nintendo sagt Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ist ein neues Spiel und wird einen höheren Stellenwert in der eSport-Szene habe

News #19.995: 16.06.2018, 09:28

Nintendo certainly seems like they're warming up to the eSports scene, and that trend continued with Nintendo's focus on Smash Bros. Ultimate during E3. In an interview with Forbes, Reggie Fils-Aime discussed Smash Bros. Ultimate as a completely new game, as well as how it leads into Nintendo's embracing of eSports and the competitive Smash scene.

First, we did go into a lot of detail on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we did that to make sure consumers across the globe really understood that this is a brand-new Smash Bros. game, with every character from past Smash Bros. games included with updates to the gameplay mechanics. It was very important to drive home that message. That said, the unique thing about Smash Bros. is that it's a great couch co-op game for consumers who aren't all that familiar with the game. They can very much pick up and start smashing right away.

But to the second part of your question, the competitive scene: We have been doing more and more with the competitive Smash scene. We've supported EVO, we've supported a number of the other tournaments. And the Nintendo philosophy is this: We want to first obviously provide a game that really is well-suited for the competitive activity. Certainly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we believe, will deliver on that regard. But the other thing that we worked with the EVOs of the world is to have some consistency in the format of the tournaments to make sure that the best players do have an opportunity to compete. And those activities will continue. We believe that letting the communities grow around Smash Bros. as a competitive experience is good for Nintendo and it's good for the pro players of Smash Bros.


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