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Nintendo spricht über das ausverkaufte Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle, Switch und 3DS Sales, Ziele und mehr

News #21.095: 14.11.2018, 04:42

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime is doing the press circuit to spread the word on Nintendo's holiday offerings. As you might expect, the big man believes Nintendo has some very heavy-hitters in the wings. While pitching titles like Smash and Pokemon, Reggie shared the following tidbits in a Kotaku interview.

  1. 3DS has had growth year-on-year for the first three quarters of the year in the Americas
  2. Reggie certainly hopes the 3DS has many more years ahead of it
  3. Nintendo believes they've planned well for bundle stock with Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
  4. the hardware bundle for Smash Bros Ultimate is "effectively sold out"
  5. Reggie reiterates that Smash Bros. Ultimate is a brand-new Smash game
  6. Reggie says Sakurai will continue to tweak the different characters until launch and even past launch
  7. Reggie says October, November, and December are critical to Nintendo hitting 20 million Switch units sold this fiscal year
  8. Reggie says the Americas are "well-positioned to do their fair share to meet that goal"
  9. for the first 12 months of availability, Switch in the United States was the best-selling system of all time
  10. the goal is to continue that trend
  11. Nintendo wants to be in a position coming out of the holidays where we can be proud of our results compared to the Wii
  12. Reggie would have loved for Smash Bros. Ultimate to come out earlier in the year, as December is a challenging month
  13. Reggie says third-party support on Switch has been quite strong


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