Nintendo weist erneut darauf hin: "Bei der Switch geht es um den (Spiel-)Spaß nicht um die Power"

News #15.707: 12.02.2017, 20:52
Telegraph: "You have gone with a unique control input once again, rather than focus on power, will that always be Nintendo's way?"

Takahashi: "I think Nintendo will always put our top priority to satisfy the needs of our gaming audiences. Particularly with Nintendo Switch, one of the things we did was we looked back and saw how people interacted with previous hardware systems and we tried to find ways to improve on that experience. With Switch we've found a way to address their needs in all of the different ways they are going to play with the system. That will continue to be our top priority rather than a dedicated focus on power.

For us one of the things we get the greatest pleasure out of is once we've created the system and stepping back and watching them have fun with it. So that's something we're always doing and looking forward to doing with Nintendo Switch as well."


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