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Nintendos Präsident spricht darüber, warum Nintendo keine Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Preisgelder anbietet

News #22.874: 09.01.2020, 09:57

Smash Bros. Ultimate has been part of some of the biggest game tournaments in last year, and while Nintendo has tied up for sponsorship of events and promotions, they've steered clear when it comes to offering big tournament prizes. Wondering why Nintendo doesn't dish out major cash to winners on the eSports scene? Nikkei talked to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa to find out, and he offered up a pseudo response.

"Esports, in which players compete on stage for prize money as an audience watches, demonstrates one of the wonderful charms of video games. It's not that we're opposed to it. So that our games can be widely enjoyed by anyone regardless of experience, gender, or age, we want to be able to participate in a wide range of different events. Our strength, what differentiates us from other companies, is this different worldview, not an amount of prize money."

Furukawa's response is the best example of a Nintendo sidestep that we've seen from him yet. While he doesn't give an outright reason, it does seem Nintendo values reaching everyone with their games, and doesn't want to highlight the elite by giving them oodles of cash. Nintendo always wants all players of all skill levels to have fun with their games, and they're definitely trying to convey that point with how they approach Smash Bros. Ultimate's eSports popularity.


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