Pokémon Go Spieler geben am Tag über 2 Millionen $ aus, insgesamt mehr als 1,8 Mrd. $

News #20.208: 07.07.2018, 18:24
The following data comes from Sensor Tower...
  1. players worldwide continue to spend more than $2 million per day
  2. the game has hit $1.8 billion in player spending
  3. the game crossed the $1 billion milestone in January 2017
  4. the United States and Japan lead all-time player spending in the game, accounting for 34 and 28 percent of its revenu
  5. Germany, Great Britain, and Taiwan round out its top first countries at 5 percent, 4 percent, and 3 percent of revenue
  6. Google Play has accounted for the largest portion of Pokémon GO's revenue at 58 percent
  7. the App Store makes up the remaining 42 percent of spending
  8. Pokemon GO was the the world's No. 1 earning app for 74 consecutive days
  9. it remains a top 10 app by revenue, ranking at No. 9 overall for the month of June
  10. in June, the game grossed an estimated $70 million worldwide
  11. the game is in the top 10 grossing iOS charts in 21 countries, including the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and Canada


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Ich hab ~€5 Ausgegeben
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