Reggie sagt Nintendo hat mehr zu zeigen in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten und ein paar Kommentare von Reggie

News #19.969: 14.06.2018, 09:32
The following comments come from Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime...

  1. Nintendo is a company that loves to surprise fans
  2. Reggie says Nintendo has a lot more up their sleeves and a lot more to show in the "weeks and months ahead"
  3. Reggie says "who knows" as to why Nintendo stock dropped
  4. Nintendo wants to tell them about content and then launch it to drive excitement
  5. the pacing of news/releases will drive the Switch forward
  6. trial events like Mario Tennis Aces let Nintendo learn more about the challenges in network play
  7. once again, Switch options without the dock in Japan are not coming to North America
  8. In Dec 2017, 3DS grew by 27% year on year in North America
  9. in this year, 3DS business is up 10% in North America
  10. Reggie says lootboxes have gotten a bad wrap
  11. a gameplay mechanic that offers the consumer something to buy when they're not sure what's inside can be interesting as long as it's not the only way to get those items
  12. Reggie believes Furukawa is a great pick for Nintendo's next president
  13. Nintendo wants to create content that brings people together and encourage the community to go from their with eSports
  14. Reggie says the number of analysts who have "gotten it right" over the years is very small
  15. Nintendo holds things close to their chest and loves to surprise, and they surprise big
  16. Reggie says "don't worry" about analysts


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