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Ritual: Crown of Horns für die Switch angekündigt

News #22.492: 14.08.2019, 23:47
Ritual: Crown of Horns is a slaughterhouse. Inspired by a variety of unique takes on the Western genre, from Alejandro Jodorowsky's and Clint Eastwood's bodies of work to the cult "The Wild Wild West" TV series, it's a violent, fast-paced action game set in an alternate Wild West, an absurd, acid-fueled vision of hellish frontier. It's also a wild tale of an unlikely duo: a bounty hunter who comes back from beyond a grave, yearning to exact revenge on his homeland, and a witch who aids him with a series of powerful rituals to further her own mysterious goals.

Ritual: Crown of Horns lets you play as Daniel Goodchild, a half-cowboy, half-demon who gets resurrected by a mysterious Witch - in exchange for the opportunity for revenge, he becomes her bodyguard as she fights an abhorrent cult using a series of rituals conducted all over the United States. Choose any mission order you want. Traverse the levels in a blink of an eye using a powerful dash. Use power-ups conjured by the Witch to protect barricades that halt enemy advance. Rely on the unique auto-aim mechanic to make sure your shots always hit the target - you play as an expert gunslinger who never misses, after all.

Understand the distinctive properties of each weapon so you can pick the right tool for the job every time. And when the situation gets out of hand, wreak havoc using the powerful magic taught to you by the Witch. Visit your safe haven between each mission so you can talk to your travel companions and use their services. Study new spells, grab new firearms from the God of Guns and complete Trickstress' challenges to obtain more and more powerful pieces of equipment. You are going to need all the help you can get - soon, you'll be faced with increasingly stranger obstacles, inhumanly powerful monsters and magic not even the Witch can control.


  1. A unique auto-aiming system that distinctly sets itself apart from your average twin-stick shooters: instead of spraying and praying, you are an elite gunslinger who makes every shot count.
  2. A satisfying arsenal: shotguns, six-shooters, rifles, crossbows, and a few surprises that are a little less era-appropriate.
  3. Outrageous enemies: brainwashed cultists, supernatural legendary creatures, bizarre murderous contraptions - you name it.
  4. Gear: mysterious capes, hoods and amulets that you can customize and get powerful buffs for your character.
  5. Creative spells and power-ups that can violently alter the way you approach each combat encounter.
  6. Plenty of insane levels for you to master, each complete with unique challenges tailored to push the combat system to its limits.
  7. A unique gothic-horror-meets-weird-western artstyle.


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