Rocket League Blog - Februar Update und mini Update erscheint um den 5. März

News #18.843: 16.02.2018, 08:54

Hi everyone! We hope you're all enjoying Competitive Season 7 so far, along with the Season 6 Reward Wheels. Starting, well, today, we plan on following every Content or Feature Update with a post to talk about issues that came up with that update (in this case, Rocket League v1.41) as well as address some issues we see you talking about on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and beyond.

Now that the February Update is out in the wild, we're working on a Mini Update (along with the Spring Update and Tournaments Beta) that we're aiming to release on March 5. This Mini Update would address several known issues you may be aware of, including:

  1. Change Preset not working on the Endgame screen
  2. Division/Rank Up or Down not displaying on the Endgame screen
  3. Controller vibration strength

The Mini Update is only targeting a few issues on our radar, while our Spring (March/ April) Update will contain additional bug fixes for multiple platforms.

Den vollen Block gibt es hier:


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