Switch und Smartphone Apps Link-Up nicht ausgeschlossen

News #15.711: 13.02.2017, 00:15
The Telegraph: "Nintendo has seen some real success with smartphone games, Can we expect to see a link-up between mobile games and Switch games. For example if I complete a task in Super Mario Run, could I unlock a bonus in Super Mario Odyssey, and similar kind of things?"

Takahashi: "I don't have any concrete examples we might do along those lines, but it's certainly not an impossibility! But what I can say is that I do feel software design for mobile is in essence different for something that would be designed for Switch. So as we release different games on different platforms and think about how there can be a connection between the two, we really have to think about how each of those individual pieces of software stand on their own and have their own purpose and merit to being on each of those platforms.

So then if we are able to find a way to satisfy the users that are playing on those platforms by some sort of connection between the two, then that would be the point we would introduce something like that."


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