Ubisoft spricht über arbeiten mit der Starfox Lizenz, über ein mögliches Mario + Rabbids 2 an mehr

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Fans of Nintendo know that the Big N and Ubisoft have been pretty friendly with one another for years now, and that appreciation only seems to grow. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot sat down with GameSpot to talk about their relationship with Nintendo, working with the StarFox brand, and dodge questions about Mario + Rabbids getting a sequel.

On the Nintendo/Ubisoft relationship
It's a long-term relationship, so we've been working with them on all the machines they launched, and so from the beginning of the Wii to the Wii U, Switch, we were always there with them, and so we have been working closely while it was going out, when it was more difficult, so we are real partners that are happy to work together, and that helps a lot. We like what they do also. We are big fans of what Mr. Miyamoto and his team is creating, so that helps the creators at Ubisoft to work with the Nintendo teams because they learn so much.

On working with the StarFox brand
It's never ... it's always ... you know, when you work with the brands of another publisher, it's never easy, because you really have to understand the spirit of it, you have to really bring something that can help that to continue to grow. So it's not easy, but as we know each other well, they are confident that we can really bring high quality experiences, so that helps.

On the potential for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2
[Laughs]I can't give you an answer yet.

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Kommentar #1 vom 08.09.2018, 11:37:52 Uhr
Mario&Rabbids 2, nur her damit.
Würde mich über einen zweiten Teil freuen.
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