Ultra Street Fighter II besitzt Special First-Person Modus und Art Gallery

News #15.713: 13.02.2017, 17:32
First, it's now officially confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter II will have a new first-person mode. This was originally teased in the game's debut trailer last month. It's a unique game mode called "Unleash! Ha"DO"ken", and is specialized for use with the Joy-Con controllers in a first-person view.

To further explain the name, "hadoken" is 波動拳 in Japanese. For this mode, Capcom has removed the 動 and replaced it with "Do", making it 波Do拳. We don't know how the mode's name will be handled in the English version, but it's almost like a neat little play on words.

A screenshot on the box has a timer and seems to show multiple Shadaloo Soldiers. This is speculation, but perhaps it's a mode in which you hold the Joy-Con and literally shoot hadoken, sort of like a rail shooter.

The box also shows that Ultra Street Fighter II will have some sort of art gallery. Players can view over 250 pages of artwork.



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