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Neue Infos zu Mario Tennis Aces

News #19.662: 21.05.2018, 14:34

  1. story begins on the day of a certain tennis tournament
  2. the power of suspicious rackets wielded by Wario and Waluigi starts to cause a problem
  3. this leads to Luigi, Wario and Waluigi suddenly disappearing
  4. according to Toad, the rackets Wario and Waluigi held are said to have terrifying powers that can control people
  5. if the racket's mystery can be solved, there may have been a clue to find Luigi

Adventure Mode

  1. numerous missions will block Mario's progress
  2. sometimes you'll need to complete certain requirements other than just simply winning battles
  3. this includes aiming for a specified place on the court or beating the enemy within the allotted time
  4. stages have different gimmicks as well
  5. some stages have strong enemies that use special attacks and cannot be hurt with ordinary attacks
  6. win missions to gain experience and raise Mario's stats
  7. clearing missions may also reward new rackets
  8. having all rackets broken during a mission will cause a Game Over
  9. missions have varied difficulties, from easy to advanced

Free Match (Singles / Doubles)

  1. The rules can be freely set. Has up to 4-player versus.
  2. Settings like CPU difficulty, court, and K.O. option can also be changed.

Local versus

  1. If you bring Switch with the game, you can have versus on a local connection with up to four players.
  2. You can choose between 1-vs-1 singles and 2-vs-2 doubles.

Online versus

  1. You can connect to the internet to fight rivals and friends alike.
  2. You can play for free until September 2018; after that, you will need to subscribe to the paid Nintendo Switch Online service.

Tournament (singles only)

  1. A mode where all players join a tournament and aim for the top.
  2. Toad will provide live commentary which will hype up the battles.

Tournament (online)

  1. Online tournaments, where you fight for ranks with worldwide players, will be held monthly.
  2. You can take on the tournament multiple times, and the rankings will be set based on the points earned.

Tournament (offline)

  1. Aim for conquering the top of all three tournaments available.
  2. Initially you're only able to access one tournament, but you'll be able to challenge more difficult tournaments by becoming the champion.

Swing Mode (Singles / Doubles)

  1. You can freely swing the Joy-Con to play with actually feeling the shots.
  2. Recommended when you just want to have fun with everyone.

One Point Advice: Try playing by changing the rules

  1. In Free Match and Swing Mode, you can enjoy tennis battles with more rules other than standard.
  2. You can choose a big tennis ball which will move more slowly and is also easier to be hit by the racket.
  3. You can also go with simple rules in Free Match, where matches don't use energy and will fully rely on your tennis skills.

Switch modes

  1. on the big screen (TV)
  2. by sharing Joy-Con (tabletop)
  3. thoroughly alone (handheld)


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