Neues DOOM Update integriert Motion Aiming und mehr

News #18.871: 20.02.2018, 21:46
New Features!

  1. Motion Aiming - New control scheme option allows you to tilt the Nintendo Switch for more precise aiming
  2. Multiplayer Parties - Added new party system, making it easier to group up and play with your friends in multiplayer
  3. Updated Game Icon - Game icon now matches the DOOM for Nintendo Switch box art


  1. Increased the average resolution in lower-res areas of the game
  2. Implemented CPU optimizations
  3. Added Traditional Chinese language support


  1. Fixed an issue that resulted in a possible crash when using the BFG
  2. Fixed an issue that caused audio issues while playing
  3. Fixed an issue that caused stretched textures to appear in multiplayer
  4. Fixed an issue where controls became unresponsive on the game menu
  5. Fixed an issue where players may have incorrectly received a ban notice in multiplayer

Video-Quelllink: [LINK ZU WWW.YOUTUBE.COM]


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