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Nintendo plante mit High Voltage einen auf Wasser basierenden Roboter-Shooter für die Wii U - Leaks sorgten für den Stop des Projekts

News #20.461: 13.08.2018, 20:00

  1. Would have been made by High Voltage Software
  2. Nintendo's oversight and funding
  3. Nintendo gave a vague outline for the project
  4. Nintendo wanted a shooter the whole family could play
  5. Nintendo suggested using water guns
  6. The rest was up to High Voltage to figure out
  7. Small group of roughly 10 people were going to start working on the game
  8. High Voltage's idea was that robots - mechanical beings - would be susceptible to blasts of water and fry their circuits
  9. Characters partially inspired by Mega Man and the animated movie Robots
  10. Similarities to Pinna Park from Super Mario Sunshine
  11. Theme park style with water at its heart
  12. Water was central to the game's premise, including that it fueled life
  13. Robots would have had different shapes and sizes, including ones with wheels and extending arms, water guns on their bodies
  14. Considered guns that used other liquids like a bazooka that would fire sewage
  15. Multiplayer was discussed, but the team wanted to nail the core concept first
  16. Nintendo's interest in the concept was apparently genuine
  17. There was a leak in 2011 that Nintendo and High Voltage were working together
  18. Nintendo said that High Voltage would need to find the leaker and ensure there wouldn't be further leaks
  19. High Voltage had an internal investigation, but no one was identified
  20. Nintendo felt that they had no choice but to discontinue the project
  21. All these years later, we now know that the leaker apparently put the information out there due to being unhappy with working conditions
  22. The project lasted about a month

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Link500 *
03.06.2013, 20:37:13
Kommentar #1 vom 13.08.2018, 20:54:55 Uhr
Traurig, was ein Leag so alles bewirken kann. Hätte gerne das fertige Game gesehen.
02.05.2012, 14:53:03
Kommentar #2 vom 14.08.2018, 00:50:36 Uhr
Es ist etwas übertrieben wegen eines leaks das Projekt komplett in den Müll zu werfen....aber ich bin in Bezug auf splatoon froh, dass sie es nicht stattdessen gemacht haben!!....

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