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Nintendo reicht Quality of Life Patent ein

News #23.211: 16.05.2020, 14:30
Patent summary

The calculating information process of the user's sleep takes place over 15 steps (listed below) via a game application connecting with the information processing system which includes a sensor, terminal system (with display device), and a server capable of communicating with the terminal device via a network.

The base device (pictured below) is installed in the user's home where-as the mobile terminal is fully portable. The base device can also charge the mobile terminal when connected with communication between both mobile and base devices also able to be performed by a communication method via a network such as a LAN or the Internet.

A Doppler sensor is included in the base device which detects biological information such as respiration and pulse, in addition to the user's body movement.

The base device also includes a projector that projects an image on a wall surface (including a ceiling) or a screen. Such images could be to prompt the user to fall asleep or wake up, or to display an image that shows the sleep evaluation result when the user wakes up in the morning.

Further, the base device also includes a camera, speaker, and control unit. The control unit has a CPU and a memory, and can also transmit the information detected by the Doppler sensor to the mobile terminal.

The application also makes note that the base device may include an environment sensor, a display, an omnidirectional speaker, a light source, and / or an odour generating device.

Calculation of the user's health information also takes into account the fatigue level and energy level, in addition to the aforementioned sleep index. Part or all of this health information is transmitted from the terminal system to the server. In addition, the mobile terminal stores the calculated health information in its own storage unit.

Progress of the game story in the game application is based on the results of the user's health information. The terminal system enables the user to measure their health information as if playing a game, and as a result, the user is more motivated to continuously perform the above-mentioned action, and to measure their health information. The game process is mainly executed while the user is awake. A mini-game button (Alarm Game) is also included with its contents described as "arbitrary" and can be, for example, a puzzle game, a quiz game, or where the user performs calculations.

The mobile terminal also calculates the user's activity information when awake, indicating the distance traveled, the time, and / or the travel method based on the position information. In addition, the mobile terminal calculates the activity information based on facts such as if the user is at work etc.

The environmental information on the mobile terminal is calculated based on the environmental sensor information detected by the environmental sensor such as acquiring information based on the environment of the user.

In addition, the emotion information is calculated based on images captured by the camera and / or the voice detected by the microphone where the mobile terminal captures the face of the user with the camera, determining the facial expression of the user, and calculating their emotion information from it. It may indicate just a positive emotion or a negative emotion. The voice of the user is received in a similar way, by the mobile terminal's microphone, with the emotion information calculated by taking into account intensity, tempo, intonation, and the like, and also takes into account pattern changes, for example, anger, joy, and sadness.


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Rolf Belmont *
Rolf Belmont
24.07.2018, 10:36:34
Kommentar #1 vom 16.05.2020, 14:40:49 Uhr
Ich kann mit diesen Patentbildern nie das geringste anfangen. Was soll ich darauf erkennen?

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