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Platinum Games spricht über ihre Firmengründung, wie Bayonetta entstand und die Zukunft

News #22.476: 07.08.2019, 05:20

Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya were in attendance at ChinaJoy 2019 this year, and gave a detailed talk on the company's history. Check out some highlights from the event

  1. Platinum Games began with no money; only talent
  2. the goal was to make something completely different from other games.
  3. Kamiya was confident that they could make games never seen before with their own studio
  4. Kamiya remembers originally proposing games for the Wii that would use its motion aiming in unique ways
  5. Inaba was opposed in terms of sales reasons
  6. Inaba stated that challenging themselves on new concepts was good, but he wanted to create an influential game
  7. this title ended up being Bayonetta
  8. Bayonetta wasn't in the plans at all from their initial strategy
  9. Kamiya was inspired by a colleague who offhandedly mentioned he wanted to play another 3D game by Kamiya again
  10. Kamiya says no matter what game it is, he feels that action games need special actions that will make players feel good
  11. Kamiya remembers to put in limitations on player actions, which is inspired by his history of playing retro games with limitations
  12. Kamiya doesn't want Platinum Games to only be action games
  13. while the Bayonetta series is still important, he wants players to reach a point where they'll try other brand-new games
  14. while Bayonetta 3 is still in development, Inaba wants Platinum Games to stand on its own even without the series
  15. Kamiya regrets that he wasn't able to work on Capcom games like the Devil May Cry series beyond the first game
  16. on the flip-side, this let Kamiya work on Bayonetta
  17. Kamiya hopes Bayonetta will be able to become a classic series with a well-established world that can continue on expanding


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