Rick und Morty Co-Creator sagt er hat von der Switch geträumt, bevor Nintendo sie angekündigt hat

News #20.043: 20.06.2018, 23:39

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland is a huge Nintendo fan. He loves the Big N so much that he even dreams about the company and what they're working on next. Believe it or not, Roiland says one of those dreams had a device in it that was almost exactly like the Switch, and this was long before Nintendo ever announced the platform.

"A long time ago, before the Switch was even announced, I had this crazy dream where I was in some giant Walmart-style department store place. It wasn't Walmart. But there was a video game section and it was like a throwback to when I was a kid, with all the video games on a wall. And behind this glass they had a new Nintendo system that - get this - was cartridge-based and the cartridges were really tiny and all the games were in this super modern-retro style.

I'm like, 'This is literally what my dream was!' I remember waking up and just thinking, 'God, if Nintendo released a really cool, sleek, tiny little console that used tiny little cartridges with games that were really awesome, modern, but retro pixel art games - that thing would sell like crazy!'
In the dream I was just so fucking excited. I had this stack of video games I was buying. Then of course I woke up before i could enjoy any one of them. But now they're here! It's so surreal - even the cartridges are all little!"

Well now we know where Nintendo got the idea for the Switch. They infiltrated Roiland's dreams and stole it! Well, I guess it worked out for everyone involved in the end!


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