GERÜCHT: Diese Switch Spiele für 2018 geleaked

News #18.046: 12.11.2017, 13:07
Ein User bei Reddit soll ein paar kommende Spiele für die Switch herausgefunden haben. Deswegen bitte noch als Gerücht interpretieren:

  1. A Switch port of Dragon Ball FighterZ is in the works and will likely come out in Fall/Winter 2018.
  2. Soul Calibur VI is in development for Nintendo Switch (alongside PS4 and PC). Link would return as a guest character on the Switch version.
  3. There has been pressure towards Game Freak to get Pokemon's 8th Generation out in hopes of a release next year. If you recall Pokemon Stars, that is (or was) real, but all it was was a Sun and Moon port to the Switch, used as an engine test tech demo thing.
  4. Metroid Prime 4 should have something revealed with some in-game footage early next year from what I've heard. I'm hearing that Direct in January particularly. Bandai Namco is developing the game for Nintendo. I don't know which development studio.
  5. There is some kind of new Animal Crossing that they hope to release next year too.
  6. The Switch's Virtual Console will not be like how it currently is known to be like. There is some kind of a subscription service of sorts in the works.
  7. Mother 3 is real. According to my source, it was completely localized and playable. The sad thing that I've heard is that it is being held back for some reason, which all I know has something to do with not knowing which month to release it in.
  8. According to one of my sources, they claim that Square Enix is doing The World Ends With You 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
  9. Blizzard is preparing a Hearthstone port for the Switch. I'm not sure when this will be announced due to the phrasing, but I heard about this when I went to Blizzcon.


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Pilzkönigreich *
26.12.2010, 01:26:54
Kommentar #1 vom 12.11.2017, 13:15:14 Uhr
Blizzard ist ein wichtiger Entwickler für Switch.
Lunk *
20.07.2016, 16:13:20
Kommentar #2 vom 12.11.2017, 13:19:50 Uhr
Joar, das Übliche halt.
Alles Gerüchte, die man in den letzten Monaten (und im Fall von Mother 3 sogar Jahren) bereits irgendwo mal gelesen bzw. gehört hat.
Ich möchte nur darauf hinweisen, dass dieser Beitrag im "Kappa" Bereich von Reddit gepostet wurde. Ihr dürftet ja wissen, was das im "Internet-Slang" bedeutet. ;)
08.02.2011, 04:37:16
Kommentar #3 vom 12.11.2017, 17:47:36 Uhr
Die ersten beiden Punkte sowie der letzte Punkt wären ein Traum! «3
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